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The Gordon Review Wins William F. Buckley Award for Outstanding Journalism

The Gordon Review recently attended the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s Editors’ 2021 conference with over 50 other collegiate network publications and were surprised to be the recipient of the William F. Buckley Jr. Award for Outstanding Campus Reporting!

Editor-in-Chief Liam Siegler with Managing Editor Maisey Jefferson
ISI Award Winners Pose for Pictures

Many thanks to our previous and current staff members who have invested so many hours in covering campus news/student life. This belongs to you! On behalf of our leadership team, we thank you.

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Mary Ellen Siegler

I am incredibly proud of the entire staff of the Gordon Review. Well done. Carry on!

Kristi Jefferson

Well done, Gordon Review team!

Pam Fogo

Congratulations to the Gordon Review team! Well done.