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There are different roles you can take, each with various levels of commitment. As far as our operations go, there is lots of flexibility. We work around you. If you committed to writing an article for a specific date, but something comes up, don’t worry! Our process is very low-key and we adapt well (because all of us are students). If you desire a position with more responsibility, that is more than welcomed. If you only want to contribute two articles a semester, fine too! 

If you are interested in joining us, contact

Senior Editor: reviews and edits print magazine for publication. Contributes minimum 2 articles per semester. 

Copy Editor:  reviews and edits online and print submissions for content, grammar, syntax, and spelling. Encouraged to write, but not required.

Staff Writer: contributes a minimum of one article for the online publication, and one for the print magazine a semester. If able to handle more commitment, staff writers may be assigned pieces by either the Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, or a member of the CORE team.

Media Team: works with the Social Media Manager on media production. Responsibilities vary depending on need. 

Treasurer:  manages the finances for our GCSA budget and works with the Editor-in-Chief/Managing Editor on expenses and reimbursements.