WHO WE ARE: The Gordon Review is a student-run publication covering issues related to student life, faith, politics, art, culture, and more.

We are committed to the conservative perspective

The Gordon Review is dedicated to engaging our campus community with a diverse array of perspectives rooted in conservative principles. We seek to foster an environment where our ideas are discussed intelligently, explained with clarity, and defended with integrity.

We are committed to civil dialogue

We are guided by the classically liberal ideas of open-discourse and free expression of thought. Though our editorial stance is conservative, an environment of civility requires intentionality from people of all commitments and faiths. For us, this means that the content we write and the events we host will seek to foster important conversations in ways contrary to how modern discourse is currently playing out. Our goal at the Gordon Review is to be a force for mutual understanding and civil dialogue.

We are committed to good journalism

Journalism is storytelling. The importance of an honest story: one that conveys meaning and fact independent of bias or an agenda, provides a shared understanding for people of all kinds to engage with in dialogue. We hope to provide the Gordon community with quality journalistic content.

We are committed to faith

At the foundation of all we write and publish is a dedication to the Christian faith. We believe that only through the truth of Christianity and a disciplined pursuit of Christ (Hebrews 11:6, James 2:14-26) can restoration, healing, and inner order of the soul be found. We desire our opinions to honor God; to reflect what He says is wise and good.

Our commitment to community

We are dedicated to Christ, to each other, and hope to foster a community who share a commitment to pursuing truth through conversation and open dialogue. This publication is not designed to be a political platform. Instead, we desire to provide a platform for people to come together and contribute to the greater Gordon community through thought-provoking pieces, good journalism, campus initiatives, and a diverse range of events.