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Editor’s Note: 2023 Spring Edition

In the Parable of the Sower, Jesus talks about the man who scatters seeds along various kinds of ground. The seeds on the path were devoured by birds. The seeds on the rocky ground failed to take root. The ones that fell among thorns were choked up. Others, however, fell upon good soil. They sprouted a hundredfold.

Jesus compels us to consider the type of heart we are cultivating. Does the state of our heart reflect one that desires to embrace the things of the kingdom? This parable, indeed, is for those who have “the ears to hear.” They are words that are at once both weighty and filled with so much joy. For yes, the heart whose soil does not cultivate good things will ultimately find its end in destruction. But also: the heart that is ready to be tilled will find itself blooming in the love of an eternal Kingdom. This is a heart that can thrive.

What does it mean for us to apply this idea to not only our Christian life, but also to our relationships, society, and world? In this edition, our contributors were asked to explore what this concept means, and we are delighted by their responses. I am so excited for the opportunity to publish what they have to say.

I am also honored to include in this edition the contributions of Dr. Chris Underation (Communication Arts), Dr. Scott Sunquist (President of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary), and Esther Frederick (Student at Gordon-Conwell). Professor Underation has been such a strong encouragement for my career aspirations and is a trusted confidant. I am also grateful and excited about the opportunity to connect the Gordon Review with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. I hope that this is only the beginning of a greater friendship between our two institutions.

Thank you for reading this edition of the Gordon Review. May our words encourage you to ponder: what kind of soil am I cultivating?

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