A Tiny Hallelujah

Sometimes late at night when I can’t fall asleep

My crowded thoughts take over, they go way down deep

They rest among my hopes and dreams and cage them like a vine

Their thorns that pierce my heart leave me anything but fine

I try and try to fight it off and push it all away

But they only seem to get closer still, I can’t keep them at bay

They push me down into the pit of darkness and despair

My efforts aren’t working, this confusion I can’t bear

The deeper down I go, the higher the walls climb

My options are getting slimmer, I’m running out of time

And as I might be gone, a small sound escapes from me

A tiny hallelujah rings where I never thought there’d be

It plays within the weakness and in my emptiness it sings

The end of my small strength is the beginning of His wings

That cover me with feathers, and shield me from the fire

That guide me on His path, and lead me to what’s higher

I break down from exhaustion, He says, “my child I’m right here

It’s okay that you’re out of strength, I promise I’ll stay near

The shame that clouds your thoughts that is always the loudest voice

Is not from me my daughter, I only call you to rejoice

So let me hold you close and shepherd you through the mist

You don’t have to look ahead, and let this fear persist

All you have to do is look upon my face

I think you’ll finally see that I am full of grace

I’ll never come down on you hard or give you more than you can bear

I have so much love for you, I’m overflowing with gentle care

And I will lift you up in time and you will see that all along

I was making you who you’re meant to be, with me you will belong”

Who knew all of this could come from just a whisper of small praise

But singing in the storm has lit my faith ablaze

I’m not saying that it’s not hard, that I don’t have the fear

It still cages me in sometimes, makes life anything but clear

But even if my hallelujah is the smallest one of all

I’m moving forward every day, even if it’s a crawl

Some days my heart aches at even the smallest things

But still my song of praise is there, and in my soul it rings

I’m still on the journey, and I will be for a while

But I will carry joy with me through every twist and trial

So I turn my head to my Savior’s face and choose not to look ahead

I will fix my eyes on him and fully trust instead

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