The Hill to Die On: Christ, Not Elections

As we await the final midterm election results, it’s all too common to get caught up in the idea that our nation’s fate rests in politics. 

We treat politics like reality television. Fascination easily morphs into captivation, which can quickly become idolatrous when not kept in perspective. As Christians, it is crucial to remain level-headed. We must contain our passion for politics within a biblical worldview, not entrusting our wellbeing to a worldly system, but to the Creator who is sovereign over its existence. 

With each election cycle comes new troubles and stories that magnify the brokenness of humanity. We are left lamenting and restless, longing for change. But we are not called to despair. Our hope does not rest in a restored America—our hope lies in Christ and his kingdom. 

All or nothing mentalities about elections surrender the fate of our nation to the ever-changing landscape of partisan politics. By adopting this kind of mindset, we neglect the Lord’s sovereign plan to use all things for his glory and paint ourselves as saviors. 

When the outcome of elections dominates our minds, we must refocus our hearts. Politics are important, but they must not become our sole concern. The temporary implications of politics should not take precedence over the eternal implications of the Gospel.  

Truth is, the American government is not the hill to die on—the Lord is our cornerstone. Isaiah 9:6 affirms, “The government shall be upon his shoulder,” therefore we can rest in the knowledge that the systems of our world, no matter how functional or dysfunctional they are, pale in comparison to the coming kingdom that is “not of this world” (John 18:36).  

So take heart, believer, because the Almighty is making all things new. We will inhabit a kingdom where “God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God” (Revelation 21). 

God’s faithfulness to believers does not change upon the outcome of an election. This truth surpasses all, so we must not lie in despair, but rejoice that the Lord uses all things for his glory. Our hope does not rest in a nation’s prosperity, but in the hope of union with Christ. 

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Olivia Elder

This is so good!