A choice in the center 
A tree
With branches serpent-wrapped;
With fruit pleasing to the eye
Fruit appearing good for food,
But worm-ridden inside.

Sin within us
A tree
With branches bearing shame;
With roots deep 
Roots entangled and strong 
But unhealthy all the same.

A Servant with us 
A tree
With branches nailed to hands;
With a trunk stained red 
A trunk splintering his back
But wood dead and dormant as he hung his head.

A Savior before us 
A tree
With branches spanning East to West;
With leaves reaching heaven 
Leaves inseparable from sky 
Until they float back down when the trumpet cries.

A Comforter in us 
A tree
With branches grafted;
With fruit that is pleasing 
Fruit of virtue, rich in the nutrient soul 
Waiting for the harvest and the right season.

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