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A Reflection on the Past Four Years

I can’t believe it has been four years. 

I distinctly remember sitting in my parents’ room holding the different college acceptance folders saying, “Okay, it is Gordon. I am going to go there.” I had no idea how vastly my life would change, and how I would grow because of those ten words. 

I came to Gordon in 2018. I was so young (but I still feel like a kid most days), excited, and honestly, terrified. I had been waiting to “grow up” and go to college since elementary school. Now that it was finally here, I couldn’t believe it was time. 

My freshman year was filled with wonderful experiences as well as heartbreak. I had classes with amazing faculty members who encouraged me to question and discover more about the world than I knew before. I made great friends, who led me to have a deeper walk with Christ. I came to understand more about myself and learned how to have fun even in the midst of many difficulties. I also made some great mistakes. I placed faith in my own abilities more than the One who created me; I trusted the wrong people and lost sight of Whose I was. That was just year one. 

Sophomore year presented even more opportunities for growth. The hurts from the previous year were healed by the strengthening of some close friendships. Like everyone else across the country, COVID-19 had a significant impact on life and school. In this time of overwhelming fear and anxiety, my family made a conscious effort to intentionally reconnect with each other. Amidst the upheaval around us, our family grew deeper in faith and love. 

Junior year continued with this theme of upheaval, not only in the world around us, but especially on our campus. The year found Gordon in a crossfire of social and political unrest that permeated our classes, our Chapel, our dorms, and our friendships. This year was fraught with moments of frustration, deep hurt, buckets of tears, and true friendship. In every moment of deep loneliness or agonizing frustration, I knew that I was loved by the Lord and supported by my community. This group of people was formed by the pressures of the outside culture and in these moments of pain, we chose to thrive. These people were, and continue to be my favorite part of Gordon College. We have chosen to be friends despite our different upbringings, majors, preferences, political opinions, and, sometimes, even in spite of our own personalities. 

The world does not grasp what is truly important anymore. Society has become obsessed with elevating the individual. However, what I have learned these past four years, apart from hard-earned academic knowledge, is that the best way to be yourself is in community. This is not easy, in fact, it has taken (and continues to take) a lot of effort on everyone’s part. However, if the past four years has taught me anything, it is the value of being intentional with those you surround yourself with and remembering to whom you belong.

I’m a few short weeks away from packing up a dorm room for the last time and saying goodbye to many who have helped shape me for the future. I’m looking to that future with excited confidence, aware that no matter the circumstance, I have so much more now than when I first arrived my Freshman year. 

Thank you, Gordon, for helping in that process. Thank you to every one of the people who has been part of these last four years! Blessings on your next chapter— I hope you are looking forward to what’s next. Who knows how we might change the world around us? 

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