Joys of the Day

I plant my feet from joy to joy, walking through my day.  
Though it has ups and downs, my heart stays the same. 
By the Lord’s grace, in morning I wake, 
Covered by blankets’ loving embrace. 
Out the cracked window, I lie and hear 
Tweeting and chirping from birds far and near. 
Joy’s in my heart, joy’s in my head 
From dawn’s waking hour till I go to bed. 
Up I get, and fold my hands 
Praying a prayer for my day to begin. 
Getting up, getting dressed, and down I go. 
Breakfast is one egg, some toast, and an apple to go. 
Nothing compares to my drink of the morn, 
A good cup of tea that no one can scorn. 
It warms my heart as the drink goes down, 
That I’ll say is where joy is found. 
When breakfast is done, then I’ll take flight, 
Off to the gardens, where my heart delights. 
With bag in tow, I’ll draw and marvel, 
At the peace radiating which is so novel. 
A piece of Eden, as was meant to be, 
God and man working in tranquility.  
When lunch comes around, I run off once more 
To go grab some sushi, to end the morn. 
Buttery salmon, with salt, sweet and spice, 
Flavors abounding that are more than just fine. 
As afternoon comes, then I will slow down. 
The morning buzz is all but gone. 
Then, with a smile and some tea. 
Off to a book for some time, I’ll be. 
Dinner! The cry rings out through the house. 
Feet clatter and come and none is a mouse. 
Food is enjoyed, and laughter rings out. 
Family is precious, of them I’m proud. 
Dinner is had, and all cleaned up. 
Cups put away, and dishes scrubbed. 
These people are such a blessing, 
They know me and not just in passing. 
So, my day ends as it begun, 
I’ll fold my hands and pray for what’s given. 
I’ll pray to God most High, my King. 
I lie down to sleep and my heart sings. 
What joys I had throughout my day, 
Some big, some small, but all the same –  
Each a gift from my Father above, 
Each to be cherished and each to be loved. 

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