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2021 Fall Edition Editor’s Note

Gordon College is a distinctly Christian liberal arts institute because it acknowledges that learning should be guided towards a comprehensive vision of life. The word liberal comes from the Latin root “liber,” which means “free.” When attached to education, classical thinkers understood this concept to imply direction. Education is not simply a utilitarian device to be thought of within the context of work— it concerns wholeness of being. As Christian students, we know the liberal arts are intimately tied with cultivating a heart and mind in pursuit of Christ.

Our team chose Light in the Darkness to be the theme for our first print publication, not to exalt ourselves as the “light”, but to express a commitment to pursuing the truth in the midst of the pain, brokenness, and suffering of the world. Distortions of what is good, just, and beautiful are pervasive, whether they display themselves in the form of ideology, institutional dysfunction, relational brokenness, bloody conflict, or social fragmentation. In the midst of this often disconcerting reality, the need for a Kingdom-centric vision is essential. Our eyes must be in pursuit of what Peter calls, that “marvelous light.” (1 Peter 2:9)

Any pursuit of truth must be open to civil dialogue and inquiry. One of the most concerning trends of our time is the tendency to assert totalizing systems of belief while simultaneously avoiding discussion of their merits. We hope to counteract this broader cultural attitude and foster an environment conducive to robust intellectual discussion. 

While not all our authors featured in this edition agree with each other on everything, we hold a shared commitment to pursue “whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, [and] whatever is commendable” (Phillipians 4:8). We welcome you to join us in this endeavor.

If you would like to respond to any of the articles featured in this edition or on our website, email We accept responses (which will be posted on the website) not exceeding 750 words. If you are interested in joining our staff or submitting an article/essay/poem to be published in our next print edition/online publication, feel free to email Editor-in-Chief (, Managing Editor, Maisey Jefferson (, or visit

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