UPCOMING EVENTS: John McCormack and Neil Shenvi

The Gordon Review is excited to announce two upcoming speaker events next week!

On Monday, May 3rd at 7pm, we will be hosting John McCormack, the Washington Correspondent at National Review and a fellow at National Review Institute. Prior to joining National Review, he served as a senior writer for 11 years at The Weekly Standard.

McCormack will be delivering a lecture titled: “The State of Journalism Today.” This event should interest anyone who wants to hear from someone in the field and is especially recommended for aspiring student journalists. We have asked McCormack to give advice to our staff on writing for a student-run publication. All of us are excited to hear what he has to say!

TO RSVP, SIGN UP VIA THIS GOOGLE FORM BY MAY 3RD, 5PM. Zoom information will be sent 2 hours before the event.

For our second event, we will be hosting Dr. Neil Shenvi, Thursday, May 6th at 7pm. Dr. Shenvi has a PhD in Theoretical Chemistry at UC–Berkeley and writes at shenviapologetics.com on issues of science, culture, the Bible, and theology.

Dr. Shenvi will be speaking to us on: “Critical Race Theory and Christianity.” For the past several months he has written extensively on the subject ––one highly relevant, yet nonetheless important, given the controversial nature of current discussions on race. How should Christians think about modern day theories informing narratives on racism? Antiracism as an approach to justice? What about Critical Race Theory? Dr. Shenvi will be addressing these issues and more. The Core Team highly recommends attending and hopes the event will encourage productive dialogue amongst the student body.

A sample of Dr. Shenvi’s work can be read here.

TO RSVP, SIGN UP VIA THIS GOOGLE FORM BY MAY 6RD, 5PM. Zoom information will be sent 2 hours before the event.

Both events are open to students, faculty, staff, and the general public. Attendance is capped at 100 people per event.

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