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Introducing Emily Marcotte

The Gordon Review is excited to announce that Emily Marcotte will be joining our team! Emily has been managing a YouTube channel for almost a year now, making top-notch, insightful videos on issues of faith, dating, theology, and more. She will be posting videos for our monthly editions, in addition to sporadically posting content throughout the months. We are glad to have her on board!

In anticipation of this news, we decided to interview Emily and ask a few questions about herself and her channel.

Q: Give a short biography of yourself. Who is Emily Marcotte?

A: I’m a college student studying to become an early childhood teacher. I love 70’s and 80’s classic rock. I want to be a mom when I grow up. I don’t like skiing. I love old hymns. I am a black belt in karate. Also, fun fact: I’m related to the Queen of England! According to my uncle… not sure how trustworthy that is but I’m running with it. I dislike the winter but I live in New England so…. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Q: When did you first get the idea of making YouTube videos? What inspired you?

A: I was very very very bored during quarantine, like many of you, so I started filming short random vlogs of my life. I really enjoy making and editing videos, but I had to struggle with what my purpose is on YouTube. Filming what I do in my life does little to advance the Gospel, so I had to re-evaluate what the ultimate goal is. After some time, it dawned on me. Something I love more than so many other things is having deep conversations about theology and the Christian life. My favorite times with my friends have been discussing free will, social media, or the purpose of the Christian life. And these things — these are the conversations that are important, so I wanted to share them with more people.

Q: The subtitle on your Youtube channel banner says “Creating Christ-Centered Conversations”. What do you mean by this, and in what ways have you created videos with it in mind?

A: In every video, I say that my purpose is creating Christ-centered conversations about topics missing from mainstream messages. The conversations are Christ-centered because they cannot exist without Christ. The truth about Christ is shared often on my channel because that must be the foundation before we can talk about whether or not to listen to secular music, or the role of consumerism in the life of a Christian. My goal is to have important conversations that people want to have but that are not topics which will be preached from the pulpit or read about in Christian books.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish with your videos?

A: My main goal is to encourage and edify God’s people through conversations about Christian-living in a secular world. I also know that many of my friends who are non-Christians watch my videos, so it is important for me to always be sharing the hope I have in Jesus.

Q: Any particular topics or issues you plan on talking about in the future?

A: Some topics I have coming up are about living a regret free life as a Christian, societal masculinity, and the biggest problem Christians will face in 2021. I’m also always open to suggestions for topics because I want to talk about what is important to Christians right now.

Q: What do you say to the person who is hesitant to watch your videos, either because of its content or because they don’t know you?

A: If you don’t know me, you can get to know me by watching my videos! I love meeting and chatting with new friends on Youtube, so feel free to comment and say hi! If you’re hesitant because of my content, lean into that. Don’t just disagree without listening to what I have to say; these are nuanced conversations that cannot be answered in one video so watch and comment to add your own thoughts and opinions.

Q: Last one…favorite ice cream flavor?

A: Black Raspberry and Mint Chip. Not combined, obviously. That would be gross. And with chocolate sprinkles on top.

Emily’s favorite videos:

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