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Note from the Editors 2/4/21

Thank you for reading the debut of The Gordon Review. We hope that you enjoy reading our articles as much as we did writing them! 

Since we were unable to celebrate Sanctity of Life month this January, our first edition is dedicated to the topic of abortion. We hope to stimulate dialogue on what continues to be one of the most important moral issues of the day. The unborn will never be irrelevant. 

Our editorial staff recognizes February as an important month for our nation as we celebrate and reflect upon black American history. Throughout the coming weeks, staff members will dedicate various articles in honor of influential black thinkers, heroes, and entrepreneurs. 

If you are interested in contributing to our next edition, contact We have a large editorial team and will gladly assist you throughout any part of the process.

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CONGRATULATIONS!! Can’t wait to read it “cover to cover “