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Gordon Police Report Reveals Little On-Campus Crime

As required by the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act of 1990, Gordon Police released its Annual Safety and Security (Clery) Report & Fire Safety Report to the Gordon community. Included in the document are statistics of crimes reported on campus, various properties owned by the school, and adjacent properties accessible to students. The report includes data from the past 3 calendar years. 

The full document can be accessed here.

Major crimes reported at Gordon from 2017-2019:

Over the past three years other schools in the North Shore reported crime rates significantly higher than Gordon College. 
Clery data from Endicott College, University of Massachusetts: Lowell, and Boston University are displayed below:

Illegal substance crimes reported from 2017 to 2019:

Gordon’s crime rate is notably lower than some of the most recognized schools in the North Shore. Gordon reported 7 sex offenses from 2017 to 2019. In the same three years, Endicott reported 19 incidents, UMass Lowell 24, and Boston University 41.  Excluding 2019, Gordon consistently reported fewer sexual offenses per year when contrasted with the other schools. 

A similar disparity can be found in the domestic/dating violence data. Over the span of three years, Gordon reported fewer incidents (6) in comparison to Endicott (7), UMass Lowell (12), and Boston University (36). 

Gordon reported 6 cases of burglary in 2017, with none in 2018 and 2019. Endicott reported 2 cases in 2018. Boston University reported the highest amount of burglaries, with 67 incidents spanning across the past three years. 

While Gordon’s safety report did not document a single instance of aggravated assault, robbery, motor vehicle theft, or arson, UMass Lowell and BU each reported incidents of these crimes.

Gordon substance-related crimes were minute in comparison to the three other colleges. Gordon reported 44 liquor related crimes resulting in judicial referrals and one liquor law violation resulting in an arrest. Gordon reported no drug law violations. Endicott and Boston University exceeded one thousand violations, while UMass Lowell exceeded four hundred. 

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why did you write this?

Johnathan Sparkflies

Without listing the size of the student bodies, the comparative presentation style of these charts is relatively useless.

Elise LoSardo

Hi there! So, I ran the numbers on this because I was curious and bored–from counting up all of the reports in the chart from 2019 specifically and dividing them by the number of registered undergraduate students, here’s the totals I came up with: UMass Lowell has a .001% crime rate, Endicott is at .003%, and Gordon is right up there with Boston U at a whopping .005%. Factoring in the fact that Christian women are much more likely to feel ashamed to report their sexual harassment, our number is probably much higher. To be fair, though, it’s difficult for everyone so I’m sure the number is higher at the other schools as well, and it’s impossible to determine the hypothetical. Please don’t think I’m trying to diminish what you’ve written, I just think it’s important to acknowledge the number of people who attend each school since ours is much smaller than your average college 🙂


A comparison of the student body sizes is relevant but to the point the university with a smaller population would appear to be safer than one of a larger population that in itself is worth noting.