2020: The Faithfulness of God Endures

As we reflect on 2020, our hearts experience a myriad of emotions. For some, this year was one of renewal and joy. For many, it was plagued with disappointment, heartbreak, and frustration. 

Last March, a new and shocking virus gripped the world as countries began to close their borders. Many Gordon students were on spring break at this time, happily enjoying an extra week to spend time at home. Yet, as the weeks turned into months, the agitation grew. Thousands of lives were lost, many small businesses closed, hospitals were overrun, and the mental health of people across the globe accelerated towards decline. 

Naturally, we wished to regain control of our lives. As a fast-paced, time-oriented culture, any semblance of control gives us comfort. To take that away demanded a humility many of us did not possess.

Maybe what we wanted was never meant to be our source of comfort?

Maybe what we desired was something beyond ourselves?

Maybe what we really needed was a clearer view of God’s faithfulness?

As the summer months approached and the hope for normalcy grew, we again witnessed humanity’s brokenness. June became a time of mourning and wrestling with racism, police brutality, and the constant controversy pouring from the news. These events initiated many difficult conversations and brought awareness to issues across the country. Tensions rose as we pursued solidarity, despite the division.

Last year many college students voted in their first presidential election. As November approached, Americans both praised and lamented the appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice. The political divide grew. Social media became an increasingly toxic environment. While we contemplated who to choose for the Presidency, the world continued to spin in chaos. America weighed its options. Many had to make a consciously difficult decision. Many decided not to vote at all. 

Throughout every event over the past year, however, the Spirit was active in continuing God’s perfect redemption. In the midst of a global pandemic, Jesus continued to be the Great Physician. In the throes of hate, He continued to be peace for people from every tribe, tongue, and nation. In the divisiveness of the political, no government could dethrone His reign. Throughout it all, the steady, resounding pulse of God’s sovereignty remained constant. 

As we journey into 2021, let us reflect on 2020 with a lens magnifying God’s faithfulness for His people, this nation, and the world. May we find peace knowing our life is in the hands of the King of Kings today, yesterday, and forever. Whatever comes, we can be sure of one thing: His faithfulness endures.

The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors. They do not proport to reflect the opinions or views of the Gordon Review, editorial staff, or its members.

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Shelleen Weaver